Property Management


The success of any asset is the delivery of a sustainable long term leasing plan. Eighty Five percent (on average) of income in a property comes from rental and as such this knowledge forms the backbone of our successful property management.

Our leasing planning, right tenant right location (RTRL) analysis and long term lease expiry profiling ensures that opportunities to enhance the mix and drive stronger sustainable returns are delivered wherever possible.

Where long term cash flows are concerned, our leasing systems feed into the capital planning and long term forecasting for those of our clients that need to plan ahead.

We establish strong relationships with major tenants in the property market and liaise with leasing advocates to ensure that we are always active in the market. This works to reduce the risk of any property vacancy downtime where possible.

It is also the ongoing care and our extensive experience that delivers growth for our clients. We take care of everything so our clients are free to pursue other projects.


Arrears Management

Just as important as delivering a strong sustainable retail mix, is ensuring the money keeps coming in for the asset. Billings must be accurate and made in a timely manner in order to facilitate this.

We are hands on and using MRI, one of the world’s leading property management accounting packages we ensure just that.

Any recalcitrant late payers, no problem. Issues are dealt with swiftly and managed so that our clients receive consistent timely cashflow.

We take the worry out of arrears management.


Budgeting & Reporting

Fail to plan – plan to fail!

PCC Property Group brings the principles of major institution budgeting and reporting to our clients.

Setting accurate budgets, leasing forecasts and expenditure budgets is key to ensuring regular distributions to our clients.

It’s why PCC Property Group invested in MRI, one of the world’s leading property accounting packages to ensure we can tailor our reporting to meet client needs.

Utilising the principles of our Asset Planning and Business planning systems, budgeting and reporting tasks are precise, informative and keep complex issues under control.