Tenant Advocacy

Unfortunately not all businesses go as planned and lessor/lessee relationships can sour.

With over 60 years in retail, retail leasing and property experience, our experts can assist in getting those relationships back on track or if needed assist in ending the relationship with the best possible outcome.

This could include rent abatement negotiation, assistance in the required mediation process under the rental tenancy agreement (RTA) or lease surrender negotiations.

With legislation amendments tenant issues can be tricky, let our consulting team step up to provide swift and simple pain free solutions.


Leasing Services

Following the principles of ‘Right Retailer Right Location’ and the unique PCC Property Group business planning process, our team focus not only on helping our clients crystalise opportunities in Australian leading shopping centres but help ensure that the opportunity has the potential to deliver the return on investment required by our clients.

We are familiar with the requirements of major landlords in:

  • Tenancy Delivery
  • Design
  • Meeting Dates

Ensuring our clients smoothly transition their new business into their portfolio without penalty through hidden costs and potential delays.

This focus on cost efficiencies maximises the capital contribution available towards the fitout (provided by landlords) and achieves a sustainable ongoing rent structure for our clients.


Business Resuscitation

Not all entrepreneurs are great business managers, their concepts can be great, delivery great, but business management…maybe not so great.

PCC Property Group’s proven strategies, many years of experience and careful individualised planning can be your business’ safety net.

Understanding business metrics, best practice management, people and culture and profit and loss management are all components forming the fundamental backbone of a successful business.

Our team’s unique business planning and business management processes ensure your business is running smoothly and when struggling can assist in bringing the business back on track.

Business resuscitation can make your business rigorous again.