Asset Management

Long Term Forecasting & Modelling

PCC Property Group’s Asset Management team have extensive experience in long term modelling and capital management.

We apply the principles learned through many years in the listed property trust industry to ensure that each of our clients can understand and best plan the future growth of their investments if desired.

Our business planning, life cycle analysis and lease expiry profiling provides a solid basis for creating a ten year financial model for forecasting investment returns.

Those same proven planning systems can also be used as the starting point for acquisition and disposal strategies throughout a property’s lifecycle.


Lifecycle & Capital Planning

To create an accurate long term model, understanding capital expenditure is crucial.

In particular the years in which you can expect to incur the expense given the age of the capital items (such as lifts etc.)

Understanding this allows for better cash flow modelling / debt funding requirements and loan to value ratio (LVR) impacts especially for owner developers.

Our team prepare the analysis as part of modelling so that our clients are best armed to meet their future growth expectations.


Business & Retail Planning

PCC Property Group’s Head of Asset Management and Consultancy, Robert Caruana, has had many years of experience in creating business planning programs that meet the individual needs of the client.

Brisbane Airport Corporation is one such client that benefits from our unique planning services which includes facilitation and monitoring.

This individualised program ensures the business plan doesn’t collect dust on the shelf, but rather is a live active document focusing on the closing out of key issues and delivery of key opportunities.

Our Asset Management Team work on your individualised business planning program like it is their own. This results in a quality result every time.